Episode One – Hello

In which we meet some survivors and receive some makeup advice.

Crossing Wires is a new podcast, told entirely through radio transmissions and broadcasts. This story is about survival, hope, and connection after the end of the world, told through the eyes of people that most apocalyptic stories leave for dead.

Keep your radios close by, and tune in to the audio apocalypse.

Crossing Wires was created by Ziggy Schutz. Sound editing by Jack Strudwick, writing by Ziggy Schutz and Sarah Cowan. Full cast list can be found on our tumblr (crossingwirespodcast). We’re also on twitter @_crossingwires_, where you can join the #crossingwires conversation.

2 thoughts on “Episode One – Hello

  1. This was extremely well paced, positively haunting at parts. My absolute favorite was the person going around and wiring up payphones to interconnect and receive radio transmissions: Like, the idea of one brave person just personally trying to reconnect the scattered and shattered world, with no guarantee that they’d ever see any benefit from it? That was super powerful, and particularly well delivered.

  2. I love this podcast so much, I’d seen lots of the promo stuff for it on tumblr but have just got around to actually listening to it and it’s so good.

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