Episode One – Hello

In which we meet some survivors and receive some makeup advice.

This is a reupload of Episode One, with updated credits. This is in preparation for our return for the back half of season one!

Episode One features Lizzie Apel as The Blogger, Jack McShane as The Musician, Chel Gaier as The Scholar, Dorian Wenig as The Stormchaser, Jordana as The Scout, Mickey E. as the Radio Repairman, and Elliot Truth as ███ █████. Additional voices by Kyle Brogan, Aster H. Greenberg, Kassie K., Andréanne Lamothe, Brenna, Lee, and Wright.

Crossing Wires was created by Ziggy Schutz. Sound editing by Jack Strudwick, writing by Ziggy Schutz and Sarah Cowan.

You can read a short story about THE BLOGGER pre-apocalypse, as well as find our social media links and our exciting new merch, at linktr.ee/crossingwirespodcast!

We are so excited to be back. Thank you for listening.