Episode Two – Right, Left, Wrong

In which some people are on the move and others stand still.

This is a reupload of Episode Two, with updated credits.

Episode One features Cedar Taylor as the Con, Mickey E as the Radio Repairman, Tony Berkhoudt as the Prepper, Lizzie Apel as the Blogger, Jacob Beyer as the Courier, Shianne Cline as the Nurse, Brenna as the Archivist, and Elliot Truth as ███ █████.

Crossing Wires was created by Ziggy Schutz. Sound editing by Jack Strudwick, writing by Ziggy Schutz and Sarah Cowan.

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Flash Two – The Con

In today’s flash, we meet a nonbinary conman (Ezra?) who picks up names as easily as they put places behind them.

Of course, you all know them better as THE CON.

Flashes will be short bonus prose pieces, taking a look at our survivors before the apocalypse hit. ‘Stealing Things No One Will Miss’ was performed by Cedar Taylor (aka saltcipher) as Ezra, the Con.

Direction by Lexi Berry, sound design by Jack Strudwick, and writing by Ziggy Schutz. Art by Elliot Truth.

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Thanks for listening. Until next time… Find us in the static.